The ultimate soccer manager game for the PC

  • Realistic match simulation (minute by minute) allowing you to make team or tactical changes at any time. Includes injuries, bookings, suspensions, etc.
  • Tactical options (playing style, formation, team selections, etc) which will reflect your decisions on the playing pitch.
  • Team stats of 126 real life Italian clubs, including updated team rosters, club badges, team colors, stadium details and more.
  • Detailed player stats (speed, skill, passing ability, tackling, etc), age (old players retire), player's club history and much more!
  • Comprehensive transfer system including free transfers and players outside of Italy.
  • 4 Divisions in Italian League (Serie A, B, C1 and C2), Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, World Club Cup, European Champions Cup, UEFA Cup, Cupwinner's Cup and European Super Cup.
  • Financial control of your team, including control over stadium upgrades and improvements.
  • Database of players outside of Italy from which you can buy players.
  • Fully mouse driven graphical user interface.
  • Game options to make playing easier and faster enabling you to complete a full season in 15 minutes or less, or stick by the full detail and get all the action and atmosphere as in real life.
  • Statistical records to keep track of your team's performance and achievements. Also includes top goal scorers for all divisions.
  • Option to save up to 10 different games and restore at any time later.
  • Newspaper reports
  • ... and much, much more!